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The villa

The villa of the holiday rental Villa at Tourves ,Var

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this house available ?
    • In theory, it is : we actualise our calendar daily. However, it is only after we receive your request that we will be able to tell if you were, at this very moment, the first one asking for this period, and, if confirmed, that we will give you a 48 hours exclusivity.
  • How is my request proceeded ?
    • You first have to fill the request form.
    • We check the house's availability then certify you a 48 hours exclusivity.
    • We informe you, by email, that we are proceeding your request.
    • If you choice is definite, confirm it to us as soon as possible within 48 hours (we refuse any other request while you have the exclusivity, thus please tell us your decision by the shortest delay).
    • We will confirm you (by email and eventually by text message) if the house is available.
    • If you have certified us that your choise is definite and if the house is available, we will put you in touch with the house's owners. They will send you a precise renting agreement and will ask you to pay a first deposit. The amount of this deposit is set by the owner, and generally corresponds to 30% of the renting price. Paying this deposit and signing the agreement permanently engage the owner and the tenant.
  • What happens if I'm not sure yet ?
    • If you are hesitating between 2 houses, just fill 2 separate renting forms. You will have a  48 hours time limit to concretize your choice. We accept as many as 3 demands per group. We will put you in touch with 1 owner only when your decision is definite.
  • Do I have to send money right now ?
    • No, you don't. When the owner will send you a renting agreement, you will then return it signed, with the first deposit.
  • When does the total amount must be paid ?
    • The operating procedures are fixed by the owners within the renting agreement. Most of the time, the amount must be paid 1 month before the begining of your stay.

Locations vérifiées

Les locations proposées sont visitées et contrôlées par un professionnel de l’immobilier de tourisme. Avant chaque réservation, vous disposez de notre compte-rendu de visite, ainsi que de la localisation exacte.

Garanties financières

Les transactions de location de Maisons en Vacances sont garanties à hauteur de 120 000 € par GALIAN, 86 rue de la Boétie 75008 Paris. Assurance responsabilité civile professionnelle MMA IARD 14 Boulevard Marie et Alexandre Oyon 72030 Le Mans.